Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Bringing agriculture and health back together

Here we go, the solution to our agriculture, health and nutrition problems. Bringing agriculture and health back together! When exactly were they together to begin with? But a solution is on hand and coming to a corner shop near you soon, courtesy of the LCIRAH and the CGIAR. Somehow I don't think so. The shortcomings of "fragmented development landscapes, language barriers and silos" have been with us so long now. Other sectors have tried to address the same issues without little success. These disconnects are really ingrained and systemic and I have no idea how we might extricate ourselves from such ways of thinking and working. That's not to say there are individuals and organisations working not working actively in these areas. There is much great work going on in terms of organisational learning but sadly much of it is marginalised and far from mainstream when considering these types of problems and issues. Maybe others know what the solution might be. If you have any ideas maybe you can visit the SciDev website and this article and make your views known. Others already have and hurray to Tom Hennessy for his plug on local and indigenous foods.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Where would you like to see more agricultural funding directed

Nourishing the Planet blog has an interesting discussion going on the above topic. Some of you may have come across the discussion already, it has been linked to by our friends over at the Agricultural Biodiversity Weblog putting forward the case for a significant role for ABD.